Evermore Part 2

We had a fantastic time at our second dinner! Thank you, friends, old and new - for making this experience what it has been.
There has been a lot of stories, a lot of laughter, a lot of love.


Michele's dad unknowingly sent us a case of wine from the very place where my dad last resided.
We've been connected in little sweet and somewhat magical moments like this.


This will be our last for the year. Thank you and have a warm holiday season. 
See you in 2018!

The Beginning

Our first dinner party was held on September 22nd, 2017 in New York City.


The day of our dinner I had caught a bug, which made my friends really step up (thank you!) and inadvertently added to our experience. We lit the candles and found the perfect genre of music for our vibe. Crudités, hummus, a kale and artichoke dip, meats, artisanal cheeses, olives and fresh fruit were arranged for guests to eat while we prepared the meal.  We served garlic and rosemary roasted chicken, caprese pesto farfalle, an arugula salad topped with goat cheese gouda, toasted almonds, and pomegranate.  Everyone seemed eager to get to know each other. The chemistry of the room felt natural and the energy was high! It was a great way to start our little journey.


Fresh vegetables and lots of wine to warm up the room.
When we all finally sat down we dove right in. We went around the table sharing what brought us to the dinner, and learned all that we had in common. Not everyone shared their story, but everyone shared something in their own way. Even during painful recollections, we were all able to laugh, relate and relieve. It was evident that the magnet drawing us together was love. At one end of the table, two of our guests began to realize how much more they shared in common beyond a similar loss, and became locked in a special conversation through the night. At the other end, conversation had moved to spirituality as we discussed where our loved ones have found their homes. 


The resident kitty came to tend to tender hearts and see what foods she could swindle.

The night took its course and our gathering transformed from reflective to celebratory. We moved the party to the roof. We laughed, turned on music and even danced. It was so fun and we're just all thankful that we made new friends!

Evermore founders, so grateful for your stories and your presence.