Evermore strives to bring light and love to those have experienced loss by providing friendship, fellowship and food.

We know that loss is inevitable, but actually losing somebody that you love…it's not an experience that ones words simply describe.

By grace two of my best friends are therapists. Michele and Jack were essential to my journey with moving through loss. Together, we wanted a way to share our favorite things: healing, over-sharing, cooking & communing.

So we bring you to Evermore: A dinner party for those of us who have undergone the life shift that is losing somebody significant in your life. This won’t be a pity party; simply a gathering to identify with others who have shared the experience.

Deep down we all understand that love is never lost. Life moves forward and we can be here to celebrate that. And if you're not ready to let it all out, that's fine! You don’t have to actively share; being there at all counts as an active engagement in the process of healing. We just wanna feed your stomachs and heart.

Our next dinner will be: January 11th, 2018